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About Us

The Wander Girls (TWG) is an exciting way of travel for the woman traveller looking to explore the world with other like-minded women. You may be a single woman who is yearning for an adventure, or a working diva who wants to get away from the humdrum of office politics, or a girl who has just finished a major exam and wants to take-off on all girls trip, or an overworked home-maker looking to spend some time away from the chaos at home. Whatever your motivation, The Wander Girls is the perfect travel partner for you.

Based on years of living in different countries, and frequent travelling, our trips are carefully created experiences, combining sightseeing, history, culture food, and shopping-all at a comfortable pace. We ensure your sightseeing is planned in such a way that you are at a given place/monument at the right day and time. Our team has global connections with the best hotels, cruise lines, and destination guides which allow us to create the best travel offerings for you.

We offer an array of trips, including but not limited to, exploring unique destinations, adventure holidays, treks, girlfriend getaways, rural experience, shopping expeditions, yoga and wellness retreats, mother-daughter trips, weekend breaks, relaxing spa vacations, and reading holidays to cater to diverse interests. In short we have something that’s just right for you.

If you’re looking to build lifelong relationships, TWG hosts exclusive events in different cities that present you with exciting social bonding and professional networking opportunities.

TWG also provides tour packages and trip planning services to women’s groups & solo women travellers from other countries who want to travel to India.

So don’t wait anymore. Don’t put your life or plans on hold. Get in touch with us. And experience what women travel is all about, and what is the ‘TWG difference’.