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Welcome fellow wanderers, gypsies, and nomads.
The Wander Girls are hiring!

Love travelling? Like coming to work in shorts or jeans? Better yet, like working from wherever in the world you’re currently travelling to? Got additional skills apart from travelling like writing, photography, or entertaining people? Swell! You sound like one of us. If you’re interesting in interning, working, or volunteering with us in various positions, whether in managing trips, travel research, content writing, or social media, read the below-mentioned profile descriptions and write in to us:

Compulsory job requirements:

  • Love to travel!
  • Got a sense of humour and enjoy mischief.
  • Multi-talented and can manage various tasks.
  • Live by the mantra that God is in the detail.
  • Keen to learn on the job!
  • Have a laptop (if you’re applying as an intern or volunteer).
  • Ability to work under pressure with the crazy boss lady egging you to keep improving your skills.

So if you’re still with us after reading the compulsory job requirements list, you could apply to work with us in any of the below mentioned capacities:

VOLUNTEERS who are interested in being part of a cool travel venture in a specific capacity, in return for some cool discounts on travel.

INTERNS who are interested in working at a cool start-up (imagine the boss calls herself crazy lady), flexibility in working hours (or work from home if so agreed upon), comfortable clothes to office (as long as it’s not bikinis and speedos), chatting over cutting chai made for yourself by yourself (make a cuppa green tea for us too!), and working with fun-loving, sarcastic, brash, bunch of girls!

FULL-TIME freshers who love travel and everything to do with travel and wish to learn and grow in this industry should definitely seek us out!

EXPERIENCED veterans who’ve worked in the travel industry with other travel ventures or start-ups and are seeking an organization that gives them flexibility and a chance to grow would do well to write-in to us!


Social media management:

You’re on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Youtube 24/7. Your life revolves around these mediums and you’re so popular that your status update, picture or tweet instantly gain the attention of 100’s of people! You know which pics will gain attention and your tweets are funny, interesting, sarcastic, and an instant hit that are re-tweeted by everyone.

Well what are you waiting for then? Come rule over our social media channels, meet cool people in the process, learn to run promos and contests, and strengthen your social standing!

PR & Event Management:

You’re good at writing press releases, communicating with the media, internal communications, and love to popularize events and liaise with sponsors and partners for promotions. And if that’s not enough, your communication skills and presentation skills could help us win the Nobel prize (or at least the coolest start-up tag) My, my you definitely are a talented soul! And better yet, you know how to make sure everyone knows it too! Superb. Join us and help us make sure everyone knows what an awesome start-up we are! You’ll be our evangelist and guardian angel too!


You constantly travel and love writing about your travel experiences. You enjoy taking fabulous pictures along the way, and you’re thrilled at the prospect of writing for our blog and gaining a list of followers for yourself! You dream of working with Nat Geo or Conde Nast one day. You know your way around a WordPress CMS. You can promise us you won’t drive our editor to the edge with poor grammar or perpetual typos in your work. You like the idea of having your own by-line and being part of a team of travel freaks. Ah, then write a beautiful travel piece and quickly send it in to entice us to call you soon!

Travel Research:

You spend hours and hours mulling over every single leg of a trip you’re planning. You’ve created breathtaking itineraries and your friends and family rush to you each time they want to go on a holiday. You understand how important it is to see each monument at the right time. You are fanatical when it comes to the choice of restaurants, cafes, and bars and you confirm from the right sources what’s the best place to be at. You know exactly where to buy what and at what price. You know how to find the best deals whether it be for shopping, restaurants, or travel arrangements. You are always dreaming and planning your next trip. If only you could do this for a living. Well hello- you definitely can! Write in to us with a trip itinerary that you think is a labour of your love for travel and soon you’ll be doing what you love doing best!

Wander Girls Tour In-Charge:

You’re someone who could replace the maps and globes in our office. A treasure trove of travel knowledge and expertise, you are as familiar with India as you are with various International destinations. You’ve got a valid passports and you’re probably on your 7-8th passport like us (phew so many immigration stamps).

You’ve got the disposition of Mother Teresa (read: the desire to make other people comfortable on their journey), and you’re good at managing schedules and crisis alike. You’re punctual, disciplined and organized yourself. You’re an excellent communicator, and you always have a smile on your face even on the roughest of days! You’re our girl then, and we’d definitely consider putting you in-charge of our excursions!


You’re the proverbial marketing genius who has radical marketing ideas (some tested some to be tested) that you are sure will get the ladies to notice us! Just that you’re young and have never been given a chance to prove yourself. Well here’s the opportunity that you were waiting for. We’ll not only listen to your radical marketing spiel but we’ll try some of them too! So market yourself to us, and win us over. We’re waiting.


You’re such a sweet talker that you could get candy out of the hands of a baby and sell a comb to someone who’s balding. You’re the one who’s going to get the girls tripping over themselves to join our trips and events, specially since you sincerely believe that they are terrific and would make a girl extremely happy! You’re the one who the crazy boss lady will listen to raptly since you’ll be making sure that we manage to make some money and not just live on the fresh air from our trips. So sell yourself to us, and we promise it’s definitely not like selling your soul to the devil (wink wink).

Our office is based in Goregaon East (close to Oberoi Mall), Mumbai.

We’re a start-up run by girls, for girls, but if you’re a cool guy, you’re welcome to apply too!

So if you’re already excited and want to join our team and work for the love of travel, please send us your resume (attached to mail) along with your travel experience (in body of mail) at careers [at]