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The Team

Hetal Doshi, Founder

A banker, entrepreneur, writer, and budding photographer, Hetal has worn many hats to find one that best fits. Hetal has an undergraduate degree with a major in Finance and minor in Communication, as well as an MBA in Finance from USA. Hetal is the brain behind The Wander Girls (TWG) and she has lived in, and travelled to different countries and continents like USA, Canada, Europe, China, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and various South East Asian countries. Hetal is happiest when she’s on the road, alone or with a bunch of friends, travelling to destinations that have yet to be discovered. A wanderer with a penchant for adventure sports, Hetal enjoys skydiving, white water river rafting, bungee jumping, shark cage diving, and anything with an element of thrill and mischief. She founded TWG with the purpose of sharing this passion for travel and providing women with social and professional networking options.

Priyanka Betrabet

A former banker and finance professional, Priyanka has comfortably straddled her passion for travel and finance. Priyanka has an MBA in Finance from University of Bradford, UK, and she has extensively travelled through Europe while she was based out of UK. That apart, she has explored various countries in South East Asia. Priyanka has always planned her own trips, and has often helped various friends and family members in planning their trips. A brave soul, Priyanka has no qualms about travelling solo, or in the company of friends. When she is not travelling, you will find her bustling around with a twinkle in her eyes, organizing get-togethers and fun events and having a blast with her friends. Priyanka loves animals, especially cats, and has been known to tend to various stray animals and give them a home!