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Travel to India

India, a country with such incredible diversity can be a sensory experience like none other. A trip to India can leave you spellbound. Distinct languages, cultures, and food in various regions, and yet, a common thread binds it all. Whether you’re here to explore the cities that make the golden triangle or visit God’s own country in Kerala, or explore the grandeur of the Taj Mahal or the Himalayas, or try out yoga and meditation; there’s so much that this vast and wondrous country can offer you.

The Wander Girls (TWG) offers India tour packages and trip planning services to both women and men. However, TWG co-ordinates with various International women’s groups and solo women travellers who want to travel to India, and thus we are well equipped to handle any special requests that women may have. TWG also organizes various women only trips within India and other destinations around the world. So if you’re planning your trip to India, we can help you with every aspect of your trip like selecting the destinations, planning the trip, booking your stay options, choosing the right combination of transport options, providing you safe local access and contacts, guidelines and tips, and help save money in the process too. If you have any specific questions please read our FAQ before you contact us.

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1. We’ll start working on your India trip planning once we’ve received your payment. And the best part is if you book the tour through us, the planning fee gets adjusted against the booking amount we quote you.

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