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Reward Points

“To Travel is to Live. – Hans Christian Andersen, The Fairy Tale of my life an autobiography”

Travel leaves you richer after you’ve spent on it. After all, life is all about enriching experiences that make for a lifetime of memories.

The Wander Girls (TWG) reward system ensures that the more you travel, the more you ‘can’ travel! TWG reward points are accumulated from your very first trip with us. Once you’ve completed three trips with TWG, you’re eligible to use your reward points towards any upcoming trip. Our ‘reward points’ system is very simple and enables you to travel more using your reward points.

For every Rs. 100 spent on your trip with TWG you accumulate 2 points.

1 point =Re. 1

Example: A spend of Rs. 50000 on your trip with us, helps you accumulate 1000 reward points.

1000 points = Rs. 1000.

You can use the points you’ve accumulated to pay for a part of your next trip, post completion of 3 trips. So make the most of your travel ladies; we promise it has its rewards!


Reward Point Accumulation: Reward points are only given on our fixed departure trips under upcoming trips section. Reward points do not apply for any flight, train, or bus tickets booked through us for these fixed departure trips. Reward points are not applicable on custom trips, events, or travel to India packages & trip planning services.

Reward Point Redemption: Reward points cannot be redeemed to book flight, train, or bus tickets. Reward points can only be used upon completion of 3 trips with us. Reward points can be used to pay for a maximum of 25% of the total fixed departure tour amount for a trip the participant intends to join. Balance reward points, if any can be used towards subsequent trips. Cancellation of a trip where reward points are used will result in losing those reward points entirely.